Stage Fright? Ha!

I don’t have stage fright. I think you can tell that from the title. But when I was little I was  actually afraid to get in the spotlight. This blog post is about my life on stage.


My first time being in the spotlight was when I was one. Yes, one. Naturally I was afraid to go.  But I still went. My second time was when I was two. Again I was afraid to go. But again I still went. But when I was three was my first time enjoying the audiences eyes. From then on I found my passion. Every year I have done at least one stage performance. I have been in dances, skits, plays, silent plays, music performances and much, much more.


You feel that the audience is going laugh at you while you are onstage right? Well relax! There is nothing to worry about. Just breath through it. If you do something wrong pretend it is part of the act. There are also public speaking classes and other classes that can tame your stage fright. Remember you are the star!


I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please comment and tell me what your favorite ways are to take away stage fright. Remember anyone can shine in the spotlight.

( Also this website contains some good information)

Spotlights shining onto the stageCreative Commons License net_efekt via Compfight

Lovely Limericks

Yesterday in class we wrote limericks. It was kind of hard but I still thought it was nice. We had around 30 grueling minutes to write limericks. I wrote two. You can see them below. green is getting me down.Ross via Compfight 





Here they are

There once was a class that was loud

They came in extra proud

They are always brats

and they never got PAT

So thats the class I am in now.


There once was a feline that was fat

He really was an extremely big cat

He took up so much space

That he gave no place

To that super scrawny rat.


(PAT is another word for recess in our class)

Activity #2

My family is originally from India so most of my festivals are Indian. Here are some of them:

1) Sankranti

This is the festival of harvest. First you clean the house and then you make a traditional Indian dish called Pongal.

2)Maha Sivaratri

This is a festival for the god Shiva. It is all night. There is a lot of food and it a jubilant night.


This is the festival of colors. On this festival day people dress in white and throw dry or wet colors at each other. They do this until their shirt is not at all white anymore.

These are just few of the festivals I have celebrated since Christmas.

Thank you for reading this post

(Please comment and tell me what YOUR favorite holiday is!)

One little word for Neela Krishnan

One Little Word

Narrated By: Neela Krishnan

Written By: Mahaniya Srinivasan


My own little word is Trust. In the story I did not know who to trust. I need to learn that not everyone is out to get me. I also need to learn that veenas are not worth friendships. I also know that people change. Even K.R. Mohan. He was the one who stole my veena in the first place. But then he got a new veena for me with his own money. Over the next year I need to learn about trusting. This is why my one little word is Trust.


Wells Bequest where I am from

Where I am from

Written By: Mahaniya Srinivasan

Spoken By: Leo Novikov

I am from science and the Novikov family,

from a voice recognition toaster to winning the science fair

I am from the New York Circulating Material Repository,

From magical pens to enchanting time machines

I am from Russia,

from my family who came here on a

Wonderful Wednesday

I am from Jaya Rao,

who I first met in the Repository

I am from checking out magic and helping,

helping people check out magic.

I am from Doc and Ms. Minnian,

from their guidance to their ideas

I am from all the stuff that make me me,

from the whole family tree.

But I will never forget that first day when I saw me and my friend sitting on that exotic time machine telling me to read the Time Machine.